Friday, July 30, 2010

things that work

i'm a creature of habit.
rarely swayed from my faves.
and as far as skincare goes
i would not want to live without
these two products.
i've been using them for years.

this exfoliator comes in packets or tubes. 
i go for the packets because 
the "grit" settles in the tube.
and the grit is where it's at, y'all.
each packet contains enough for three uses.
i do it every other day 
and it is amazing.
when it makes contact with your skin
you get a burst of heat.
{not a burning sensation...}
it heats up like magic!
if you don't already exfoliate,
well, start now for your own good.
everyone i've recommended this product to
is hooked. 
makes your skin uber soft.
and that's what's up.

enter cleanser.
i use this everyday.
on exfoliating days this comes second.
at first i thought this might
burn my face off with acids.
{kind of intimidating ingreeds if you're clueless like me}
the reality is: this is somehow mild despite it's massive power.
a notable difference in skin tone and pore size.

i'm not a freaky deak 
high maintenance type of lass.
i had clear skin growing up.
and in my twenties.
then things sort of changed for me
and i just wanted things to be back to normal.
these are{for reals} what the doctor ordered.
 thought i'd share.

i get mine through this site because they
discount often but these are available all over.

can you think of any products you just would not want to live without?


  1. YES! Here are my two 'can't live without cha, baby' skin care products:

    1) MyChelle Fruit enzyme cleanser

    2) John Masters Organics rose & apricot day creme

  2. Thank you for posting this. The Replenix scrub was recommended by my dermatologist and I used it weekly with great results. For some unknown reason I stopped and just forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. thank for the link to that site - i had skin issues since my pre-teen years and finally went to a dermatologist a couple of years ago. (should have done it years and years ago)
    i use Obagi products, and a few prescriptions - Clindagel and a retin A. I'm also enamored with my Clarisonic.
    now if i could just find the perfect concealer ...

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  5. i use clindagel daily too!
    also, i bought a clarisonic a few weeks ago and LOVE the way it feels. i'm not sure if i notice a difference yet in my skin but it sure feels all buzzy and fantastic! i love it. i could do it like 10 times in a row.

    i use benefit boi-ing concealer with a teeny tiny brush for small problems and bobbi brown foundation stick with a foundation brush in larger old lady sun damaged & uneven areas. the brushes really seem to help me {i know a lot of people like to use their fingers or sponges but i have had good luck with brushes. just sayin}. those two products give me great coverage with a pretty natural looking finish.


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