Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i'm being a slow poke about posting bits from our recent NYC trip.
oh,'twas fun. 'twas hot too.
LUCKILY, we left at the beginning of the most recent heat wave.
so, we did not suffer much.
anyway, in the meantime of "real" photos
here are a few klassy bits for you.

after a superfun row boat ride in central park
my hair poofed up like don king {from the humidity}
and then we had lunch at the modern.
we kinda went all out and ate swankily.
we're not fancy people
but we rise to the occasion as necessary.
post lunch, we headed into the MOMA.
we left because it was CLOSING
not because we were done.
i think my favorite floor
was architecture and design
{but don't hold me to that}.

there were plenty of other exhibits that had me smiling, cheek to cheek.
like this fluxus wallpaper by artist george maciunas. 
the butts are from yoko ono's film number 4 (bottoms).
it's a giant wall of butts. butts butts butts.
naked butts make me smile.
what can i say...

and, yes, i am one of the nerds who likes an audio tour. 
that's the strappy phone thingy around my neck. 
{the other little something hanging around 
is my FAVE locket that forestbound included with my order.}

another simple pleasure of mine...
{besides squirting my husband with a thin stream of contact lens solution 
from across the room while he's brushing his teeth...
priceless reaction every time.}
sneaking into photos.
timing is of the essence. 
you have to sneak in there RIGHT before the photographer is about to snap.
the ones that turn out best are blank/scurry stares.
like so:

those are all the klassy bits from our trip that i can muster up for now, my friends.
i assure you...there are more where that came from.

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