Thursday, July 22, 2010


i've been making tons of these little guys lately.
these are made with paper i bought at muji 
when we were in soho.
{ooooooh muji. thank you for not being over-styled.}
i keep cutting the paper smaller and smaller 
to make the tiniest crane possible.
this one was made out of a piece of paper 
about the size of a post-it.
just can't help myself when it comes to tiny things.

have you ever made paper cranes before?
it's mesmerizing. once i get going it's hard to stop.
i'm like ONE MORE>>>just one more...


  1. i like to use old thesaurus pages... and tuck them inside my etsy orders. (it's always a surprise which word floats to the top.)

  2. i tuck these in my orders too. i tried to use some old ledger paper but the it was too old and split at all the folds. sad.


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