Thursday, July 30, 2009

tatooine sumo champion.

star wars is inspirational.
just ask hulk4598

thanks io9

mice in disguise.

also in person size.

junior fritz jacquet is a man of many tiny faces. many tiny faces made of toilet paper rolls. beautifully expressive, even if that expression is one of someone on the toilet. really fantastic job of creating realistic organic forms out of something so processed.

download a pdf of junior's work here.

unrolled at inventorspot

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

this is mine. not yours.

the only thing this chart is missing:


i like charts

riffed at design observer

beam me up bitches.

photo by eskimo france

photo by 7 years later

a sweet bronze sculpture in montmartre. it was created for marcel ayme who wrote "the man who could walk through walls."

i post this for a semi-completely unrelated story.

basically they shot a super laser at some aluminum and made the aluminum transparent to uv radiation. my incredibly flawed, scientific method then follows that time travel, teleportation and the x-men are all coming soon... sweet

that's how i got to the whole walking through walls thing.

attack of the giant sky slugs.

actually just an adventurous snail on the screen.

i do love how the leaves in the first pics came out blue.
and i think the sky would be 3x cooler with a permanent grid on it.

dune it well

well, well, well. take look at this little champ from yesterday's daily finds on etsy.

straight from the mitten, representing traverse city, hende brings us this Lake Michigan sand dune inspired organic tank. contrast stitching. made to order. clever and beautiful. think i'll go with charcoal stitching. what about you? you know you want one too...

thank you, hende, for making lovely things.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

more than words

simple and stunning. check out the rest of the paper series by Misty Bliss.
imagine the texture of the paper at your tips. hear the folds: crisp. i'm inspired and i'm in love. ah, paper. all up in it's foldy stitchy lovely glory.

Monday, July 27, 2009

the 501st in your 501s.

mittens the hutt.

coruscant and seattle. both known for their grunge bands.

stuck on sparrow patrol.

these aren't the birds we're looking for.

vader's finest go to college.

stefan from france takes lots of pictures of stormtroopers. which makes him ok in my book.
check his flickr for constant updates.

everyone should copy this man. immediately.

turn a craptacular file cabinet into something sweet!

like a large scale outdoor planter.

a fantastic idea. use a beat up file cabinet to create a sleek planter box. this would look awesome outside of anyone's house. and guaranteed to be 1000 times cheaper than buying something similar. just make some simple wooden boxes for each drawer hole. otherwise you'll need a yard of dirt to fill it. rocks and a hole in the bottom and you're done. chad kelly you are the man.

anyone trying this (and you should) please use an ugly metal file cabinet... there are a lot of sweet ones out there. i'd hate to see some beauties die for the sake of succulents.

linked from design sponge.

the future is cooler when it's now.

this is a real place. no cgi involved.
a permanent exhibit at autostadt near wolfsburgh. (where the VW factory is)
the exhibit's called LEVEL GREEN, dealing with auto manufacturing and sustainability.
i wouldn't care if it was dealing with the jonas brothers. i want to go.
if everything doesn't look like this by 2020, i'll be horribly disappointed.

coolness via the cool hunter

faces in the trees.

custom silhouette portraits cut out of leaves. sweet.
by jenny lee fowler, who also does lots of regular silhouettes.
green is good.

seen at swiss miss.

the city where connections are made.

an eye-tickling and mind-numbing city by the sea.
all made of staples. ordinary free-standing staples.
peter root has patience. that much is clear. he also has an eye for the kick-ass.

found at gizmodo

Monday, July 20, 2009

i'm gonna burn one down.

those are days of the week... not names of enemies.

a flammable calendar for a ukrainian energy company.
yurko gutsulyak... come on down.
you're the next bitchin designer on the list.
brilliant design. beautiful in single match form and as a whole.
and a nice way to think of burning the day.
the pyro in me wants to light the whole thing at once
and burn an entire year.

also, great photos yurko.

the yellow goats cuff

for the forgetful few...
sweet jewelry from yellow goat. yes, yellow goat. awesome name, backed up by thoughtful and original pieces. delicate without looking fragile. and just the right amount of playfulness for something that you would actually want to wear.
hong kong just got a little cooler.

she's got a great blog. and plenty of other shiny things at her etsy store.

found by substudio

black and white and sweet all over.

black numbers during the day...

and white at night.

a touch-sensitive. light-sensitive. aesthetic-sensitive clock.
designed by vadim kibardin
and still searching for a manufacturer...
quit being dicks manufacturers! buy this sweet clock
so that i can buy it from you.

found at swiss miss.

battle scratched records

boba and darth made out of old vinyl records.
the best recycling project ever? ever.
my favorite part is using the turntable arm for boba's antenna.
both created by masa homma for the straight from the crate show at shoparooni.

seen at albotas

Friday, July 17, 2009


ink + paper + color + calendar = want one

this is a kick-ass slow absorbing calendar timed to color in one number per day. for the whole year. each month gets a different color. it comes from the mind of oscar diaz. he's got lots of other good ideas.

found at gizmodo
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