Thursday, May 26, 2011


mark parker is the ceo of nike.
which is probably the greatest job on the planet.
this is his office. perfectly fitting.
think of all the cool stuff that happens at that desk.
i bet he can get a corndog with the snap of his fingers.

fit of jealousy at freshnessmag.

the weight of no words.

just four of an entire tours worth of posters
from one of my favorite bands.
including one from some chaps who live right down the street.
make sure you check out the rest.

i love seeing sounds reinterpreted in a single image.

curated by omgposters.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the rush of death.

this roller coaster will kill you. on purpose.
julijonas urbonas created this incredible concept, euthanasia coaster.
slide off this mortal coil in a pleasing rush of g forces.

his science is interesting and somehow comforting.

kicked it at the strange attractor.

red leader whizzing by.

they have adult soap box derbies. of course they do.
and one genius chap decided to make his an x-wing. win.
i hope they don't have any dui checkpoints on the course.

oh, to top it off? r2 spins and makes beep boops.
i'm in awe, a bit jealous and also giggling like a child on nitrous.

medaled at gizmodo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

burning down the house.

your house is aflame. you only have a moment to salvage your things.
what can't you live without?
the burning house lets you peek into everyone else's treasures.
i love eavesdropping on what other people hold dear.
reminds me of this.

devilish details.

tyler stout makes some of the sickest posters around.
super-detailed and beautifully printed. i love his compositions.
check out the rest of his extensive work. you will not regret it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

rapture ready.

insane cg render. mind-bending design.
i would've killed a kid to have this as a g.i. joe.

rendered at gizmodo.

spare in the dark.

which is a real place where you can put money on the bar
and receive drinks, and bowling and rich darkness in return.

there really need to be more transformative spaces like this.
where the movie in your head starts the minute you walk in the door.

teleported at the cool hunter.


but he didn't have a three-headed tiger then...

now i have an extremely strong irrational desire for a real one.
...start breeding, mad scientists.
i'm gonna start making my saddle.
i'm totally gonna be the skinny he-man.

mutated at hi-fructose.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

waves of waves.

ran ortner, besides having a cool ass name, is an incredible painter.
i love his wave pieces. the color, detail and clarity are incredible.
the scale makes them breathtaking.
i would kill to have an entire wall of my house dedicated to one of these.

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