Monday, July 19, 2010

sneak peeks: mod squad

so, i am super hoping
{crossing my fingers}
to get these mod beauties
listed in the shop 
over the next day or so.

vintage pyrex mug. 

full metal jacket. vintage cream & sugar set
{their orange metal jackets come off to reveal the cutest crackle glaze pieces}

lots of dots. vintage pyrex bowl.

vintage pyrex refrigerator dishes. 
{i want to fill these with single servings of homemade mac & cheese}

the problem is:
i keep distracting myself
with thoughts of food
because, you see, i'm trying to shed
the eight or so pounds
i've collected on my ass
and arms since january.
and  between thinking about
food i want but shouldn't have
and food i should have but don't want
i can't seem to get anything accomplished
besides naps and origami cranes.

so, i'm seriously going to cross
my snack loving fingers
that i get these listed soon.
{poor fatty}

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