Tuesday, July 13, 2010

not just for burning

rubber soles, walter ballmer

hot water bottle, lora lamm

rubber gloves, savignac

if you're like me
the first thing you think of when you hear pirelli
is tires.
{i'm not a gear head...i've worked on automotive advertising
for nearly fifteen years and some bits have rubbed off}
however, if you're not from the motor city
and don't give a hoot about sport performance handling on your car
{i don't blame ya}
there's a good chance you might guess pirelli is a pasta.
but that's neither here nor there.
i was so delighted to come across these pirelli ads
designed by some of the most iconic graphic designers of the 1960s.
the range of their product line was news to me.
and i was impressed with their ability to keep the theme
consistent throughout the campaign.
i've never used a hot water bottle in my life
but had i seen this ad
{and been alive} in 1961
i probably would have impulse bought one
as a result.

{via aqua velvet }

see more vintage pirelli ads in this flickr set.

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