Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's official...

you may have seen this dress at anthropologie in the spring. 
perhaps you passed on it the first time around because, 
well, there's a quite a bit of pink.
{that was my experience upon first blush.}

it was only after i saw a woman pick it up
raise the hanger above her eye level
and pull the corner out to reveal the full skirt a bit more
that a few fabulous things were exposed to me:
1. pockets.
as a person who never knows what to do with her hands
{put on hips? sassy. cross arms? bored. flailing/talking with them? hey, i'm italian.}
i appreciate dresses and skirts with pockets.
even had them put in my wedding dress.
2. cats.
not only do i like the idea of a dress with cats 
represented in watercolor painting fashion...
these look like my two cats, jermaine {mae mae} and tito.
 mae mae is a tortie. tito is an orange tiger.
here's a close up since they look like blobs in the above photo.

so i bought it.
by way of my actions
i feel like it's official. i'm a crazy old cat lady.
i only thought twice about buying it for about one second
and then i questioned myself for questioning it.

now, who am i to judge the woman
wearing a mock turtleneck sweatshirt 
adorned with a screen printed persian?
granted, this is a lovely dress
as opposed to an ill fitting sweat suit...
and i get tons of compliments
when i wear it
{i don't point out the cats anymore...
most people just think it's real summery and don't notice the cats}
but to be frank
i bought it because of the cats.


  1. Yay! Welcome to the club. (that dress is adorbs, and as an addict of burt's bees, pockets are a necessity.)

    A few weeks back I saw a woman that had a t-shirt that had a kitten with an American flag bandana tied around it's neck. On top it said "Kittens" and on the bottom read "An American Tradition."

    Best shirt ever.

  2. ooooh...i'm going to try to find that t-shirt on-line...

  3. I'm jealous, this dress is just too cute. I can't buy it though, that would be all single-white-female blogger of me. But let me say that I'm a dog person, and would buy it just for the cats.


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