Friday, June 25, 2010

robe me the right way

if it wasn't from my traipsing around the house
fresh out of bed
and right after a shower
i probably wouldn't need a robe.
but it's part of my morning ritual.
get up. put on robe. pee.
kiss on the cats.
watch the house ewok do downward dog and wag for me.
have an inner debate about playing hookie.
put on a pot of coffee.
brush teeth. shower. 
slather on lotion. 
put robe back on.
blah. blah. blah.

the robe i have right now is great.
it's really plush and smurfy blue with big ol' polka dots.
too much for summer.
but i can't very well prance around
in my unmentionables with my goods
{and bads} hanging out.

so, i decided to do a little robe round-up
to help narrow down the selection.
here are a few of my faves:
chalk stripe robe via anthropologie

this is simple and lovely. i like the 3/4 sleeves because 
i'm less likely to dunk them in my breakfast.

cotton & bamboo terry from l.l.bean

there's something about a straight-up traditional terry robe that i'm attracted to.
plus, when i sho do appreciate the absorbent qualities post shower.

english rose from topshop

pretty! look at the close up of the pattern.
the only debate i'm having with this one is the sleeve length.
not fully on board with short sleeves yet because 
i fear some drafty action...but i'm loving the look.

hamam robe via anthropologie

this one is super gorge too. again loving the 3/4 sleeves. 
but is this too pretty for my scrappy morning activities? 
or should i take this  route for a
bit o'dignity in the morning whilst cleaning up
cat barf ?

what do you guys think of these?
do you have a fave?
does anyone even wear a robe besides me?
should i just granny up and get a moo moo?

p.s. i left out approximately 85% of the cat and dog kissing from my morning ritual. 
they are just really excited when we get up. 
virtually impossible to resist.


  1. I'm such a robe girl, too, and I have the same seasonal dilemma . I use my plush organic cotton robe right after I get out of the shower {vs. a towel} and it stays on until I get dressed. Skip the moo moo, for sure. I'd go with the chalk stripe robe for summer.

  2. i'm leaning heavily towards the chalk stripe. not to be super foofy but it will also match my decor. and since it's hanging most of the time...well, you get it. :)


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