Monday, June 14, 2010

pin it forward

oooooh, the baton has been passed again!
it's our turn for a pin it forward post
hosted by victoria from sfgirlbybay and pinterest.
topic: what home means to me.

for now, here goes:

more than just a dot on the map,
home is a feeling.
a sense of belonging.
and security.
it's the place we'd always rather be.

it's where the bits we've collected over the years live in harmony.
reminders of where we've been.
and what we love.

it's where the walls of our workspace soak up the music we blare
and sing when no one else is around.
those same walls protect our neighbors from hearing such things.
{lucky for them}

it's where we offer comfort to our loved ones.
sometimes in the form of a place to lay their heads.
sometimes in the form of a feast.
sometimes in the form of the power washer they thought we'd never return.

it's where we sit and plan our future.
have the greatest debates.
sift through opportunities and challenges.
perhaps even walk around in our underpants.
there's just no place like it.

matthias heidrich via grain edit

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  1. beautiful! thanks for sharing and yes, thank goodness for thick walls!

  2. thanks, sue! i swear my neighbors can still hear me...I'M SHAMELESS!

  3. perfection! A well-written and beautiful post. Love this "reminders of where we've been and what we love."

  4. Great post and thanks so much for contributing to pin-it-forward!

  5. i love all these images! so inspiring - thanks so much for joining in!


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