Monday, June 21, 2010

between friday and monday...

in this order...

the fuzzies stared scared after a bit of lightning.
if you also have a scaredy-cat dog you may want to try these drops
they are the only thing that will calm the bitches during storms.

got a super lovely package from dear oly.
there were about a gazillion awesome trinkets and paper goods in this little package.
honestly though, she had me at awesome stamps.
why don't we have cat and tiger stamps here?
we have anxiety drops for dogs but can't get an illustrated cat stamp in the mix?
{not fair}
don't make me start collecting japanese cat stamps...

i forgot about this chair behind the garage for about two years.
needless to say the canvas was trashed. ripped even.
i saved it with some fabric originally intended for man aprons.
aaaand those are still on the to-do list.
which, at this point, seems like a to-don't list.
c'est la vie.
anyway, this chair is needed specifically for morning time reading in the yard.
our big ol' loungers are in shade city until afternoon.

i made this crustless gruyere, ham, and spinach quiche last night.
it smelled like a miracle.
and it looked like a real doozie of a quiche.
all poofy.
but, when i subbed in lower fat options for the cream
i didn't consider that i needed some of that fat
for it to set properly.
suspected that was the source of liquid in the dish bottom.
nothing a little slow and low cooking can't remedy.
end result: it tastes super delicious.


  1. oops! pretend i put my "dear oly" comment here. scatter-brained-doofus-face.

  2. i had to quickly scoop all the goodies into a safe place so the kitties wouldn't hockey-shot them under the sofa and down the steps. lovely, indeed.


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