Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bits of beaver

aaaah. beaver island.
no one seems to know where it is.
even my fellow michiganders.
it's pretty much smack dab between the upper and lower peninsulas lake michigan.
you can ferry or fly. camp or lodge.
hike or sail. fish or swim.
sandy beaches. imposing cliffs. inland lakes.
you name it.
beaver island.
oh, except greek yogurt.
don't be a boob and ask the tiny market if they carry it.
be happy with the honey nut cheerios
and maybe grab some beef jerky and chili cheese fritos on the way out
to try and save face.
anyway, these are a few bits 
from my long beaver island weekend
at the wanty lake house.
courtesy of my dear, dear friend dootie's great-grandparents. 

first thing that catches your eye is this gorgeous cathrine holm.

this was my breezy room. hey there's my forestbound pouch!

oh hai, vera neumann butterfly and blossom sheets.
thanks for being so soft and smooth.

this is a great place to read with your morning coffee. 
the deck is surrounded by pines and beachy ferns 
and looks out towards the beach. it's so quiet! 
well, until we put our mix tapes in this fancy number.

sandy beach, you are still in my duffle. bless your heart.

dootie saw something in the water. 
jon jumped up faster than i've ever seen him move...
and pulled this giant snapper out of the water. 
nearly peed my pants. 
i mean...the look on his face. he was SO excited.

you never quite know what you'll come across on b.i.
cash register in the woods?
i wanted to nab it so bad.
he will likely come after me next time i sleep in the bunkhouse 
{where the windows are even with the top bunks 
and he can look right in at you 
while he scratches his hook on the tin roof
and demands his register back!}
and i'm not willing to risk that.

beaver island toy store & museum has a darling gallery and garden out back. 
{it deserves a dedicated post}

the weather was sunny and hot all weekend. it was perfect. 
the island was really quiet
{except for us}
look at all the empty slips!

and that's all the b.i. we have time for today folks.

we're going back in august...wanna come?


  1. Beautiful! I admit, I don't know of Beaver Island, but I'm still (kind of) a newbie Michigander. :) Love the Vera sheets!

  2. yay mitten! you should have seen the stacks of vintage sheets in the storage cabinet... tons of vera and other amazing vintage designs. aaah.

  3. This place looks pretty damn perfect.


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