Monday, June 21, 2010

pinky swear

over the past five years or so
i've pretty much shunned pink.
before that {we're talking like 2000}
i had some pink pumas
and other pink thangs.
in fact, i remember buying those shoes
at the puma store in soho and thinking 
i was going to be way super cool at home
with exclusive pink shoes. 
proud days, my friends.
proud days.

the pink i've been stumbling upon
brings on a wave of nostalgia that is much more refreshing
to say the least.
and i'm totally digging it.
it's so different than the guilt-by-diva-association pink 
of more recent days {think baby phat...},
it reminds me more of
the light pink esprit pants 
i wore to my first concert,
{new edition, thank you very much}
my first polo shirt {i scooped a ton of ice cream to pay for...},
my ballet slippers,
michael jackson's shirt and sunset in the billy jean video,
and the skinny tie my date wore 
to the middle school dance.

here's a sampling of these nostalgic pinks
i'm referring to.
all from the uber talented nikole herriott of forty-sixth at grace .
simply put
i'm reconsidering pink.

loving the way she has captured these pinks.
making me feel good about them again...

if you don't already know about nikole's shop...
she makes and sells hand turned and carved
wooden goods all made from 100% salvaged wood.
absolutely beautiful. beau.ti.ful.


  1. packages from dear oly are the absolute best, aren't they? a lovely, lovely experience. i'm still finding homes for all the sweet treats she includes!

  2. I, too, have been shunning pink for several years now, but I could definitely live with the pretty pale pinks here. (And too funny, I bought a pair of pink-on-red Puma Californias from the Soho store, probably around the same time you bought yours!)


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