Tuesday, June 29, 2010

good start

our first day in manhattan pretty much revolved around food.
you see, i love food.
for me, trips to NY are planned around eating and museums.
i really don't reserve much time for shopping
because it's too much of a time-suck
when there are just so many other things to experience.
so, with that in mind,
it's easy to see we got off to a good start...

first stop: momofuku ssam bar for pork buns and other amazing delights.

like fried artichokes with pistachio goodness and sunchokes.

and corned beef terrine with fried egg sauce and tea brined egg salad. 

second stop: magnolia bakery for red velvet cupcakes and iced coffee.

now we're going to have some wine and chocolates on our roof top patio. 
and rest our feetsies.

what a lovely day of popping around town and eating.

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