Wednesday, May 13, 2009

short fuse

shorts. grrrrrrr. booooooooo. i've seen some cutie pairs but i just don't like how they look on me. they. are. just. not. flattering. some are okay. but i can find a thousand snappy skirts and dresses that are totally casual but still adoreable. and as a rule i feel better in something adoreable vs. okay. i almost feel lazy in okay.
sometimes i come pretty close to getting a pair and forcing them into the rotation. try on a few. get mad at that sick fitting room lighting. go home and have a glass of wine. and feel totally boss is a skirt. or pajamas. shorts schmorts.
so, today i find myself looking at the back view of this shirt and the first thing i notice is how unflattering the SHORTS are. and i question: have i been well fitted all those times afterall! ah ha! they ARE supposed to be ugly and unflattering! the picture tells me so!? WHATEVER. all i know is when i try on shorts and they look anything like this i don't buy them. if i have something around my butt i want it to look nice. not like i had to put on some shorts from the back of the closet at your cottage because i pooped my own. i have a short fuse today.

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