Tuesday, May 5, 2009

binth air, want that

binth is a super talented design collective i've been admiring and admiring and admiring. most of their outputs are printed materials (cards, prints, stationary) but they do have some dandies for the home as well. they had me at octopus cuddle pillow. and of course linnea gits whose prints are delicate AND strong. but the love affair really started to sizzle when i saw these these joker prints. they're also available as playing cards so you CAN get ALL of them. the timeframe as to which i've been contemplating these is frankly embarassing. initially, i couldn't decide which one of four favorites to get. then, i thought, perhaps i should get the deck of cards and frame several. torn torn torn.

in reality, i should be more miserly and simply keep them on the wish list. is this really a priority when i'm saving up for the nups? nope. but dammit, i love them.

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