Wednesday, May 20, 2009

as the world turns

getting dressed for work shouldn't be quantum physics. but there is definitely a science to dressing for the office climate in these warmer michigan months. like the lean pocket my colleagues eat for lunch, this crummy office is hot on the outside with a disappointing, cold yuck lump at the center. and to make it through the day comfortably and confidently, combining the elements is an important part of the equasion.
somewhere in a parallel universe, this is what i'm wearing today. i love the supersoft feeling and visible texture of this painters tee. proof that you can wear a tee without looking like a co-ed. they are SO comfortable. this tweedy sparkly skirt has just the right amount of detail to keep it from being mistaken for something conservative. and these are patent leather peep toes are the perfect orange. all from jcrew. where one of my hero's, Jenna Lyons Mazeau, has really influenced the womens line to be the perfect combination of feminine, modern, and uncomplicated.
i'm so glad those shoes are on sale right now. we belong together.

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