Thursday, May 7, 2009

je t'aime papier

in the same spirit of "everything is better with bacon"...let's go ahead and say everything is better with graph paper. these note cards from julia juliette would still be adoreable as letterpress alone. add graph paper background. i mean, instant awesomeness.
two days ago, i accosted (from the heart) a colleague demanding the source of her graph paper notebook. it has a charcoal grey linen cover. it's perfect bound. a dreamboat of notebooks. at any rate, either i frightened her or she realized she was taking it for granted because she ripped out her used pages and gave it to me! aw! i was elated. she said i was blushing (which made me feel like a reeeeal a-hole). blushing over paper? oh my word.
to be true though, i am proud to be a paper junkie. note pads. individual sheets. note cards. oh dear, dear letter press. i just can't resist.
yesterday, my hard drive crashed and i lost all my bookmarks. RAWR. files schmiles. i'm devastated about my bookmarks. i was going blast out a list of some great paper finds. wah. until
i replenish my bookmarks (pout), here are some of my favorites. they'll bring a smile to your face if you are human. all from bumble ink. they lean to the green side of production and materials and their cardstock is a substantial weight. all good things.

1. you're my main squeeze
2. sorry. i spaced.
3. does not are too old.
4. i can't get enough of you
5. i suck
6. you rock

as far as utility paper needs, here are some of my notepad faves:

moleskine makes a really nice graphy book. i have a few but i do feel like they're too formal for my inadvertant, meaningless doodles and blurbs. and toting it around in my bag for everyday scratching is sort of like wearing a dress coat to a tailgate. too fussy. i won't rule it out when in need but i'd like to reserve it for journal-esque entries.

rhodia is better suited for everyday use. they also make vellum pads which are nice if you're designing something and need to layer. there is a thin version perfect for lists too. aaah lists.

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