Tuesday, May 19, 2009

paper chase

add wallpaper to the list. paper. paper. paper. i love paper. miss print has distracted me this morning. this particular pattern comes in just about all of my favorite color combos. like a junkie to the rock. aaahh wallpaper. i'm on a semi-quest for wallpaper for a lampshade project (the lining, not the outside) that teeters from the middle to the bottom of the to-do list all too often (it resurfaces when i see kick-ass wallpaper then drops back to the bottom when i try to find a resonably priced GIANT lampshade). aaaand i fantasize about wallpaper on accent walls. aaaaand in frames. and inside cabinets. and inside closets. and in the back of bookcases. and cut out as cameos on canvas. so this is good. another resource. a charmer, too.

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