Monday, December 13, 2010

grind it til you find it

i'm switching gears and going back to the grind, y'all!
feels like just yesterday when i was just trying to get used to
next thing you know
calls start rolling in
interviews start dipping into my *free time*
and i'm negotiating multiple offers
{no kidding! and i wasn't even looking- they found me!}

so happy with the way things have turned out.
the time i've spent at working from home
has been incredible.
extremely grateful for having a taste of what it will be like
if i decide to take another corporate hiatus
be it permanent or temporary.

if i didn't want to 
sell our current house & buy a new {old} one
start a family
go to the maldives
buy everything i see on etsy
and treat myself to the spa on occasion
i would definitely give up the cash and stay home.
nothing feels better than home.
but for now
i'm grinding it.
yes- i DESPISED my last job
but i won't let that get me down on the whole advertising industry.
i've still got some spark left in me!
plus, i didn't want to pass up the opportunity
to work with clients
who were recently awarded
i'm totally geeked about it.
i hope they don't think i'm a weirdo
when i show up with a box of 
old rusty wire bins
and vintage office supplies.

image from AMradio on etsy which is a lovely, lovely shop.


  1. congrats on the new job (sounds pretty snazzy)!

  2. Wow, congratulations! How awesome to be excited about a new job - definitely makes it easier to leave the comforts of working from home. Good luck!


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