Thursday, December 9, 2010

sedimentary, my dears.

i love charcoal gray. 
{or grey, whichever it is}
my closet used to be organized
now it seems more like grayscale.
anyway, back to charcoal.
i'm digging the real live version right now, too.
apparently, it has some fab properties for skin care.
yay, nature!
last week, i used my gift card from origins 
on their active charcoal mask.
tried it today.
when it dried it was so tight!
i ran to the mirror so i could make
strange faces and watch it crackle.
rinsing it off felt incredible.
all in all a lovely experience.
the dark moody mask makes it feel less girly, too. 
and since i'm not a girly gal
it's right up my alley.

image credit to soapalaya.


  1. this sounds soooo great! i'll have to gift it try - and make funny faces :)

  2. Lush makes a face soap called Coalface with charcoal in it and a weird but wonderful licorice scent that I love. Good stuff.


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