Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sweater stockings.

finally got around to making some stockings
from two of my favorite old sweaters.
super easy.
i just drew a template and pinned it to the sweater.

then cut two pieces from the sweater {one of the front, one for the back} 
leaving room on the outer edges for stitching.
i also cut a long strip of sweater to use as a hanging loop.

just some simple machine stitches around the edges. 
folded over the top and stitched for a finished edge.
hand stitched the loop to the inside edge.

i hope mine is full of jo malone pomegranate noir perfume 
and necklaces from my etsy favorites list.
but i'll gladly settle for sea salted dark chocolate bars.

i need your help with decorating for the holiday!
i'm hosting this year and really don't
love christmas colors {red and green}.
boo me, right? 
hey-just being honest.
i'm leaning towards wooden clogs,
fresh garlands and pine cones.
{where is the bag of pine cones i collected this fall?}
bundles of fat candles on wooden trays.
you hazard kind of stuff.
halp. what else?


  1. white roses!

    &, nice job on the stocking!

  2. thanks! and good suggestion. maybe i can throw together tiny arrangements of white roses, winterberries and evergreen in wooden bowls. i have a stash in the basement for my shop. maybe just white roses alone...we'll see!

  3. Love the stocking! So pretty, and it looks like a project even I (a sewing notice) could make.

    I like using branches for their sculptural quality. Bright orange tangerines or those tiny clementines are nice too. My mom would put a pretty bowl of them on the table after the holiday meal and my family would sit around talking, playing games, and eating clementines. You can even make little arrangements with them by nestling some flowers in the spaces between them.


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