Thursday, October 7, 2010


i've been kind of stressing out
about having so much free time lately.
 about two weeks ago
my position at work was eliminated
and i was laid off.
i was aware of the changes months in advance,
so, it wasn't a surprise.
and most certainly wasn't a disappointment
since my position transformed into something
that sucked major MAJOR &%$#
for the past few years.
{it's surprising much energy you use hating something. it's exhausting.}
bottom line: it was a good thing.
but i'm having a hard time 
getting the jist of being able to do whatever i want to do.
i've been living in a "things i have to do" shitstorm
for so long
that i'm not sure i know how to function
in a "things i want to do" scenario.
kind of like going from drive to park
without using the brakes.
i haven't even allowed myself to sack back 
and watch shitty daytime tv
one single time since i've been home.
i'm finding the transition really interesting
in a nerdy self-discovery kind of way.
i would have never guessed 
that it would be quite so hard for me to slow down.
i assure you though
i'm totally up for the challenge.
and really looking forward to getting there.

so, my friends,
i adjust my stretchy pants
and raise my giant coffee...
let's drink to change.
photo found here.


  1. This post hits close to home. I was in a similar position a few years back. I left my job and moved to a new city with my bf so he could start a new job...and this was right at that start of the recession. Needless to say I couldn't find squat in my "field/degree". I found etsy and did some odd jobs here and there, but I still felt like I was lacking. I couldn't take it anymore, so we moved back to our old city and I got my old job back (the bf now commutes). Now being back at my job for over a year now, I REALLY miss the time I had to myself. I'm working full time and doing etsy part time too, but I'm always wishing I could devote all my time to vintage, like I was before. It's hard when you go to a structured schedule to omgIhaveallthisfreetimeweeeee, but you can do it, I have the faith.

    I think this is the longest comment I've left ever (and I need that banner).

  2. ha! isn't that the best banner? i actually put it on my to do list {to make one myself} and then i was like STOP IT WITH THE LISTS OF THINGS TO DO FOR A FREAKING SECOND, SPAZ.
    time to hit the reset button.

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Had a very similar experience. It's all good from here, believe me. And I doubt you will ever watch shitty daytime TV :)

  4. I'm here because your comment over at the Vintage Cabin was so funny I wet myself.

    Cheers to you.

    Also? Transitions kind of suck.

  5. holyoke home- i'm so glad you stopped by! that vintage cabin post rocked my word. :)


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