Friday, October 15, 2010

puff. puff. give...

we've been late to the game on a few seasons of some really great shows.
sometimes they're on channels we don't have.
sometimes we just aren't up to speed.
either way, we just put them in our netflix queue and catch up
marathon style.
we like the rush of watch things marathon style.
we become addicted.
i.e. "tell me this isn't the last episode on this dvd. it can't be!"
and "where's the frickin' mailman already? it's not sunday, is it?"
this happened with mad men, eastbound & down, and true blood
to name a few.

a few weeks back my cousin suggested breaking bad
and gave us a copy of the first season to borrow.
have you seen it?
love it.  i'm so involved sometimes it makes my shoulders tense up!
highly recommend.
the storyline revolves around a chemistry teacher
who hooks up with a former loser student
to cook & sell methamphetamine to pay for his cancer treatment.
trust me. it's good.
we're addicted.
speaking of which...where is my damn dvd,  NETFLIX?!?!?

to show our appreciation for introducing us 
to breaking bad
i decided to make some rock candy 
that looked like meth
and send it to my cousins.
classy, right?

i had never made rock candy before
and when i added vanilla for flavor it changed color.
ideally, it would have been colorless for a more authentic meth look.
oh wellsies.

typed up a little note.

found another excuse to use washi tape on something.

another excuse to use my stamps.
{still working on a straight line}

and sent the care package off to my family
so they could rot their teeth out.
if they eat all that rock candy
{which is a total sugar bomb}
they're going to look like they have meth mouth.
i hope they throw it away.

i had so much fun pulling this package together.
time well spent, right?

the REAL question is:
who's gonna be the lucky recipient of a batch of boob cookies
made from leftover candy cane twist cookie dough 
around the holidays?


  1. I seriously love everything about your thought process here. LOVE. The candy that looks like meth, the package, the thought that the sugar might cause methlike mouth, mention of boob cookies, etc.

    You are awesomesauce. For realz.

  2. why, thank you!
    and congratulations!
    you just made the short list for the boob cookies...


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