Monday, October 18, 2010

hello, lover.

what a great weekend, eh?
we had an early lunch in the park on saturday
because the taco truck i'm in love with
was parked on the other side of the park near our house.
the bright red maples are incredible right now.
some are a super pretty dark pinky romantic-y red
and some are practically neon red.
just beautiful.

was it my love for the gorgeous fall reds 
that drove me to buy this bright ass lipstick
over the weekend?
i'm not sure what has possessed me.
i'm not really a lipstick kind of girl...
even at my wedding i wore a natural looking gloss.
whatever the case may be
i'm kinda in love with it.
it's a whole lot of color!
this one in particular smells like cupcakes.
yes, cupcakes.
and it lasts forever without drying your lips.
it's called "lover".

the other theory about this whole bright lipstick thing
is that i'm feeling nostalgic 
about the freaking nineties...
oh yeah.
oh no.
it can't be.
my friends and i had super deep mac shades
falling out of our messenger back pockets like crazy.
although, i did find this gem of a shot from 1994 and 
apparently this is not my first love affair
with bright red lipstick.

what's up palazzo pants?
i loved those.  little cream & yellow flowers all over.
this was really pretty dressy for me in college.
lots of great things here people.
the matisse from the poster sale.
my t-square.
the flip & fold lounge seat.
jane's marlboro mediums.
{i was a parliment light fan at the time}
and the shortest haircut i've ever had.
that was a really bad idea. 
it was SO hard to straighten.
besides the red lipstick
this photo falls into the "lesson learned" category.
let's hope for better use of fall reds 
for now...
and in the future.

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