Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tito tuesday

is it me you're looking for?

i bought the blanket in this photo
from the cottage cheese on etsy in march.
it's gorge. 
i put it in a treasury
and held out until it expired
to buy it.
{to keep the trej in tact}
risky move, eh?

at any rate,
in an attempt to keep a few select blankets
hair free*
it lives in the armoire when not in use.
tito just loves it too much.
{rest assured, she has PLENTY or gorgeous blankets}
nearly every morning when i open the armoire
she jumps in while i'm putting on my unders
and gets started on a bread bowl.
she proceeds to make herself comfortable
{very comfortable}
and stares at me from the depths.
her eyes say 
i love you for blankets.
her mind says
make me move...
and i'll scoot on your pillows.

*if you have cats you know this is not possible
even on the cleanest of days.
you can test your levels by dropping a piece of chomped gum
in the area in question
and judge the hair-freeness
by the number of hairs stuck in it.
it's science. 
{do not put it back in your mouth or give it to your dachshund.}

1 comment:

  1. How funny! I'm so glad you (and Tito) love the blanket. Thanks so much for posting a link to my shop!


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