Thursday, May 20, 2010

i love lucy

you may have seen lucy on dreamcats
{which is curated by this lovely and this lovely}

though, you may have seen her at one blue wren.
{which is a delightful visual playground chronicled by ashley probably already knew that}

if you're like me, you stumbled upon her 
while you were getting lost 
in ash's inspiring flickr stream.

regardless, here she is again
in all of her kitteh glory.
making us melty.
{i'm about to clap my hands like a fool}
to be frank, i can't get enough of her.
the way her expressions are caputred...
she seems to share my love
for occasional chairs and
she's wearing my favorite colors
for crying out loud.
don't you LOVE lucy?

come to find out, lucy is in a kitty cat contest at 
you should check it out if you have a moment.

click right here to vote for lucy at whiskas:  vote for lucy

p.s. don't tell tito, ok? she's sensitive.

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