Friday, May 21, 2010

peek leak

despite wrapping up the bathroom re-deux
AND my very aggressive landscaping plans, 
a shop update is still on the docket for this weekend.

i've been hoarding this adorable paint-by-number
longer than i'm comfortable admitting.
i KNOW someone will give her the prominent placement she deserves. 
so, i'm setting her free.
{or is it a he?}

the vintage tin saga continues. 
these dark avocado spice tins nestle together
in this teal-ish metal box ever so nicely. 
i give this set bonus points for being flexible; 
you don't have to use them together. 
line up the tins in your kitchen and use the box for storage in your office.

dear fan,
so many things i love about you.
your dark orange center...
so dreamy.

last but not least...
beautiful blue pyrex.

i was hoping to shoot some more from the stash
but it's going to be a busy weekend...
got a pretty nice little saturday planned...
home depot...
maybe bed, bath, and beyond if we're lucky.
don't know if we'll have time.
{old school anyone?}

have a great weekend!

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