Monday, May 3, 2010

time sure does fly...

last weekend marked
the first anniversary
{or is it birthday?}
of je voudrais que!
i can't believe it's been 
a whole year.
{we're still just a baby}
looking back
over the past year
we've had some exciting activity
in our lives
je voudrais...
home renovations...
we tied the knot on new years eve...

and it's been really cool
sharing it all with you.

so, thank you.
for visiting.
for your lovely comments and emails.
and for coming back for more.
{we think it's like the coolest thing ever}


cake pedestal from herriott grace
wedding photography mattson pictures

1 comment:

  1. Merci for sharing your unique fun life with us! I especially enjoy your Tito Tuesday! Have you pondered a May-May Monday... An Abby Afternoon... or a Delightful Doobs Day? I KNOW your shop traffic would LOVE them ALL! Such a wonderful little family... to borrow one of your favorite phrases- Me Likey! Best Wishes to a prosperous 2nd year!


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