Monday, April 26, 2010

sew awesome

a few weeks ago the mister and i went to an estate sale
in one of the most bizarre neighborhoods. ever.
REALLY pretty and sizeable 1940's brick homes with the ugliest,
ugliest additions known to man. 
they weren't run down at all, just really tacky. 
i mean block after block after block. all tacky. 
seriously. i'm not even being snobby at all.
i was hoping to come up with some kind of analogy
to help describe this place 
but i'm at a loss.
at any rate, we did come home with some great industrial storage pieces
and other home decor. 
none of which i've had time to shoot yet, of course.
{the shop update i talked about friday STRAIGHT UP didn't happen}
amongst the goodness- ta da! -this gem:

{pardon the crappy iphone shot}

initial plans were to sell this in the shop but once i started flipping through it 
and realized it's a REALLY great source for basic tailoring
{and laughs}
i'm reevaluating the whole situation.
i have to scan some of the pages to show you guys though. 
the illustrations are awesome. 
do they beat the front cover on the awesomeness scale? 
don't be silly...

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