Wednesday, April 14, 2010

peek time

this was supposed to be one of those weeks where i was going to get serious. 
start fresh. get back into the swing of working out before the day job. 
list a few new items every night. read before bed. and get more sleep. 
so far i'm zero for zero. 
when my alarm went off extra early, i was astounded so i shut it off.
haven't had enough time {let alone energy} after the day job to list anything.
reading? hah!
{pretty sure the warning label on my bff, miracle anti-ager retin-a does not count}
regardless, i'm trying to get back on track. we're only half way through the week so that leaves me with another half to turn this beast around.

so, i'm starting off by sharing a few things with you:

a bit of pharmaceutical goods.

some gorgeous kaj franck.

a tin that i find ironic.

more gorgeous finel.

and a darling enamel tea kettle.

these are among the many treasures i shot over the weekend.
soon to be up in the shop.
i hope you enjoy the peeks.
there, i feel better now. 

see anything you like?

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