Monday, April 12, 2010

nice buns

because i care so much about you,
i wanted to taste test these for you guys over the weekend.
just to make sure no one wastes a hard earned buck on bad treats.
again, just for you, i've taste tested these chocolate croissants from trader joe's.
found in the freezer section, ready to proof {rise} and bake.

you take them out before bed. {night night, little guys!}

when you wake up you are astounded by how much they have poofed.
and you think, oh mercy, i should have pulled out all four. what was i thinking?

and then you bake them for like twenty minutes
while you wash your face and brush your teeth.
perhaps put on a full pot of coffee for a good saturday tweek fest.
next thing you know these bad boys are done.

i was standing by with nutella and didn't even need it.
these are SO delicious.
perfect amount of chocolate. perfect amount of warm flakiness.
man, these are good.
this is not the kind of item you question at trader joe's.
these are the kind you make a special trip for.
{and subsequently get pissed because they're out}
did it just for you guys.
love ya.

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