Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my place {in the kitchen}

don't know about you but spring cleaning has spun me into an organizing frenzy.

i'd say 80% of my storage spaces have been
{or are in the good faith process of being} revamped.
and the work in progress makes me feel like a domestic success.

meanwhile, the domino effect has me all jazzed up
thinking about my "next house" wish list.
i can't stop dreaming about butcher block countertops with integrated knife storage.
i don't care if that sounds nerdy. i'm not a fan of counter top knife blocks. so there.
{we have one, i'm just not a big fan.}
another love affair i've been having is open shelving. i just love the art of display, period. i had an open shelving kitchen years back and it was pretty fantastic. i miss it. sigh.

what's on your wish list? i'm so curious...

 kitchen design by studio ina matt via remodelista.

1 comment:

  1. definitely open shelving and butcher block counters! i'll take that nice butler sink from that photo. oh and white cabinets. nice cabinets that aren't janky like my current kitchen. and since i don't have one now, a dishwasher! and one last thing, a door for my studio space.


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