Monday, March 29, 2010

weekend. weekbegin.

personal maintenance may have reached an all time low over the weekend but i sure did get a lot accomplished. there were a few "oversights" along the way. for instance,  i went on a cleaning frenzy throughout the house but completely neglected my own personal disaster known as my closet. and by closet i'm referring to the guest bedroom commandeered as my boudoir. don't be misled to believe it's something fancy because of the word boudoir. the mountains of unfolded laundry on the bed rule out any semblance of sophistication. i could definitely replicate the photo above. in fact, i could easily make a chaise lounge. perhaps even a sectional. i'm ashamed to admit it's a common offense {varying magnitude} 
unless we're having company.

ok back to accomplishments. by now you can see i use that word loosely. jesse and i stopped by cafe habana, a local fave cuban restaurant. SO good. the accomplishment part {save leaving the house} is adventuring away from my usual pan con bistec {grilled hanger steak sammy} and going for the fish tacos. THEY WERE SO GOOD. rare ahi, jicama slaw, avacado, lime crema, served with saffron rice. jeez.  i had full intentions of snapping a shot but they were housed  too quickly. by the time i remembered the original plan, only small bits of saffron rice remained. sorry. BUT, i did snap a few shots of the restaurant janky iphone style.  i love the contrast of fancy chandeliers and industrial architecture. great vibes, this place. perhaps you should stop by so i will be motivated to clean up the mountains of clothes in the guest room and then i'll take you our for fish tacos?
win win, right?

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