Sunday, March 14, 2010

blog it forward!

oooooh, the baton has been passed! it's our turn for a blog it forward post. what's that you ask? well, it's a stream of blogger posts about inspiration.  each blogger writes a bit about what inspires them most, links back to the post before them, and to the next blog up. it keeps going and going until all three hundred of us have posted.

special thanks to victoria from sfgirlbybay for being the mastermind of blog it forward. and for being an inspiration to all of us who are taking part. had we not been following her around the internets we wouldn't even know about this little endeavor.

what inspires us? tons.  finding new artists, designers, recipes, bargains, thrifting holes, technology, and chapstick. we're inspired by travel, books, building from scratch, films, capturing moments, and humor to name a few. but we're going to focus on timeless design for all intents and purposes of this here post.

the magical emotional connection we make with objects that stand the test of time can be most thrilling. they are tried and true. we become attached to these bits from the past and we covet them.  they turn our spaces into love stories. 

thanks to links before us:

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  1. oh my gosh!! can i move in? what great inspiration - i think we have the exact same taste! i love everything you've shared. thank you!

  2. of COURSE you can move in! i'll make beets and ricotta and we can eat on the white couch!


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