Monday, June 15, 2009

work it

if i wasn't wearing the tried (or tired?) and true peep toe/trouser/wrap-around sweater combo today (and if i owned the pieces above), i'd put these together and be out the door EASY. even though this dress is relatively unstructured, the banded waistline and detail around the neckline have enough character to keep it from looking like a t-shirt dress. and for the record i've got nothing against a t-shirt just doesn't fly here in nine-to-five man-suitville. at any rate, with that neckline detail i don't feel like you NEED a necklace. i would probably throw on my skinny skinny gold chain but i'd leave the razzle to the metalic ballet flats. if they didn't have a crackly finish i probably wouldn't touch 'em. to me there's a diff between razzle and razzle-dazzle. and i had my fill in middle school. add a cardi with a trim silhouette so i don't mask the identity of the dress. pull up the sleeves. throw on a few bangles. happy.

wind patterns dress from anthropologie

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