Thursday, June 11, 2009

mother nature: not the only one with a sense of humor

i've been distracted by a series of very unfortunate events lately. i haven't blogged in days. feels like weeks. anywhat's-it-who's it, i came across these brilliantly odd beauties a few days ago on etsy, made by melabo (p.s. if etsy was a house, i'd move in...i pretty much live there already). i was so excited to share but i just didn't have the mental capacity to post. so, i shared in a note to the lovely jeanie of the paper nut because she mentioned in a previous post that she liked all-white pieces. anyway, i was so happy to see the post on her blog. YAY!

despite the redundancy, i still felt like i needed to give melabo a shout out. one delightful double take after another. this is an awesome description of the unicorn bride & groom caketopper: "multi-tasking as both mythical creature and wife." love it. i needed the smiles. well done.

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