Tuesday, June 30, 2009

chickety check

alright, so we've all seen the ol' art on a clipboard on your mantle dealio. i've seen some really well done displays and i really do like them. but i see them so often when i'm cruising design blogs, etc. that i'm kinda over them as a possibility for my own home. that doesn't take away any of my love for clipboards. no, no, nuh-no. i'm leaning towards this clip style versus the typical, larger metal one. so nice and simple. and the white folder version is to die for. perfect desk accessory.

i was initially drawn to and, spring (o-check's store) because of some really cute calendars featured on design*sponge. which btw you can download monthly for free. NICE! just click on "wallpapers" in the upper right corner of the page. and here's a unique combo: korean and french inspired goods. you need to see it for yourself. the site setting is a combo of korean and english so it's not the easiest to navigate but well worth the trip. and even though i cannot translate any of the posts i REALLY enjoyed their blog as well. do yourself a favor and flip through a few pages.

ok LAST BUT NOT LEAST you HAVE to click here to see the header on their graphic design website. so sweet. wait for it...yep, it moves. the bird and a skirt and some toes. aww.

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