Sunday, November 7, 2010

my fair lady


i haven't met a stripe i didn't like.
well, ok. maybe one or two.
but this little number makes my cheeks rosy and warm
just thinking about it.
chic and classic.
i've always been a sucker for fair isle sweaters.
paired with the buttons and stripes...
this one puts me over the edge.
unfortunately, so does the price tag.

i'm seeing plenty of lovely fair isle
in so many of my other favorite shopping holes.
warm, snuggle weight...
{alright, maybe the one on the right isn't fair isle. whatevs.}

even finding some with lest heft.
i can get my layering madness going
under these.
who am i kidding?
these are out of my price range too.
pretty though, right?

i'm on a mad hunt for fair isle.
if you've spotted a dandy, please link me.

are you hunting anything in particular 
for the cold season?


  1. I'm such a bargain shopper and never spend money on any single expensive item. But I'm still dreaming of Frye boots, and was just about to splurge and order some when one of my dogs decided to escape the fence and got hit by a car. Luckily, he's going to be ok. But due to vet bills the boots will have to wait. (and of course, I'm thinking how good those boots would have looked with every one of these pretty sweaters).

    P.S. I'm so far behind on blog reading - just read that you were laid off? Sorry to hear that. Good luck - hope you find something you love to do. Meantime, at least the holidays can bring some pretty sweet Etsy business.

  2. marsi- i had the same crush on frye boots! my father-in-law gave me a gift card to nordstrom and i applied it to the boots! i was still apprehensive about spending so much (it only covered about half) but i went for it and i LIVE in them now. it's a tough pill to swallow.

    as far as being laid off, thanks for the good luck wishes. you are such a sweetheart! there are some really interesting positions i'm considering right now. i'm not quite ready to go back to work {i'd like to get some etsy soak time in & enjoy my severance} but there are really good opportunities floating my way. and that's unusual in this town. :)


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