Sunday, November 7, 2010

i'm hooked

i've been super busy the past week or so.
finally tackling some projects around the house.
{which meant the shop suffered from a bit of neglect}
nothing MAJOR since we'd don't plan on staying in this house very long.
just a few things to help keep this tiny crib {somewhat} organized.
we're short on closet space
and i'm big on long sweaters
so hooks are a nice solution.
especially since this wall
was bare nekkid.

i have my heart set on a simpler set but decided to use these
since they were on hand
{bought them a long time ago at anthro, very on sale}
and i won't mind leaving them behind.
aside from our bedding
we didn't have much going on
as far as textiles.
hanging cozy sweaters and lids seem to
soften the space up a bit too.
you like?


  1. I do like! Especially the yellow on the gray. I have one of those collapsible/accordion wooden racks, painted red. It was in my shop but didn't sell, so I think I'll hang it on the newly-white walls of our bedroom. I originally intended to use it for necklaces, but you've got me thinking about using it for some of my closet overflow!

  2. thanks, karen! i put 5 more hooks in the spare room {where my closet is} in addition to a a collapsible that was overloaded with scarves. they're especially helpful for things you wear often. i'm addicted to hooks now!


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