Thursday, February 18, 2010


i'm so happy about oxfords.
you see,
fourteen years of wearing heels to work
whilst toting a giant bag around
{pretty much every day}
pressing my ear and shoulder together
to hold the phone in place
really threw my posture out of whack
made my feet sad and tired
and made one of my shoulders sloop.
needless to say
over the past several years
i was relieved by the arrival
of the flats revival.
nothing ortho looking about them.

enter oxfords.
not only are they nostalgic
{i was a tween in the 80's so this isn't my first time}
to me they are really,
boyfriend chic.
which i happen to have
a ton of heart for.
at the same time
i love how they are evolving
with modern feminine details
like jazzy ribbon laces
and cut-aways
for your stockings to peek out.
the soft colors of the brogue.

but these
the soft gray suede
with gold studs.
they give me the courage
to retire my flats
{well, most anyway}
and sashay away.
in oxfords.
ta ta.

golden discs oxfords from anthropologie.

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