Thursday, February 11, 2010

ghetto fabulous

epic estate sale today.
mid-century furniture.
amazing seventies art.
swatch watches in the original packaging.
quite a thriller.
it's a two tripper.

not in the nicest neighborhood though.
on the outskirts of detroit.
not super safe.
but riddled with wonder.
and i love love love
to explore the grit.

anyway, i saw this today.
down the street from the estate sale.
apologies that the shots aren't great.
i had to be quick.
figured a solo girl
hopping out of a volvo
snapping pictures on an iphone
wasn't the best idea.
especially after witnessing a domestic dispute
a few minutes prior to.

apparently someone installed this carved wood piece
over an empty, burned out window.
bizarre isn't it?
sooooo, anyone want to come visit me in detroit?
don't be scurred.
it's not all like this.
at all.

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