Friday, April 20, 2012

get moving

well, here we go. 
today we close on our house. 
while it's not the first time for either of us individually 
it's the first time for us together
which is pretty monumental if you ask me. 
we're thrilled. 
since we're leaving our current home staged until it sells 
we're just moving essentials for the next month or so. 
the plan is to hire movers for the big move and handle the necessities this weekend ourselves. 
i must confess, i'm a moving snob and stopped that DIY effort years ago 
because i feel it's well worth the money to have someone else handle it. 
but since we're moving twice and my want list is growing 
i'm on board with the manual labor this time around. 
i apologize in advance for complaining about it next week. 
wish us luck!

                                                                                Source: via harmonie park on Pinterest

1 comment:

  1. good luck guys... i hope you sell your house soon. i will miss your posts while this occupies your time.


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