Thursday, March 15, 2012


this may not be news to you but
we're in the process of buying a new house.
new to us anyway...
the current owner has accepted our offer
post-inspection and we're just wrapping up the final details.
i realize my excitement is preemptive.

we're also prepping our current house for sale in the meantime.
never a dull moment around here.

despite several efforts, i can't stop my mind from
racing through our new space.
how different the layout is and will be.
i simply can't focus on anything else.

the home design obsession is nothing new for me.
in middle school, i decided to use an iron
to steam my bedroom wallpaper off.
didn't necessarily go over well with my parents.
i was proud of my resourcefulness nonetheless.
[keep in mind this was 1987. no google. no cable tv.]
of course our 'starter' homes have been fun
but they never felt permanent.
we worked with what we had
making mostly cosmetic changes.
a process which is still very fun.
now, basically, the ultimate creative challenge
i've been waiting for my entire life is here.

hoping to share some of our plans here in the upcoming months.
bounce ideas off you. share the excitement.
that kind of thing.

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