Monday, September 6, 2010

back to school again

like, oh my god you guys.
it's totally time to go back to school.

so, i'm pretty sure this is the first day of 7th grade for me.
i swear my feet aren't gigantic or anything. 
they just look like skis here.
might have something to do with the white socks
with my driving moccasins.
actually, they have tiny embroidered hearts
on them that the disc camera didn't pick up on,
so don't hate.
i should also tell you that my glasses were clear acrylic
with pink on the inside lens border.
very modern for 1986. or 1987. i can't be really sure here people.
i'm kind of old.
aaaaand that pink trapper keeper folder
is covered in a white graph motif.
long live my love of graph paper!
i don't even know what to say about my brother's hook up.
seeeeriously. if i'm not mistaken he's wearing gray leather velcro sneakers.
guess i shouldn't really mock him since i probably have
a bunch of tissues stuffed in my training bra.

{special shout out to our friend chanee who is going back to school...}

what are some of your favorite school fashions of yesteryear?


  1. I can't stop laughing! you are seriously putting yourself out there on this post. But I have to say, your jeans are really cool. You've inspired me to break out my 7th grade pic {all smiles w/a mouth full of metal}. I'll pull something together. I have to get up the strength, though...i'm so weak from laughing. your brother's outfit and accessories - I've never seen anything like them. HUGS!!!

  2. i'm pretty sure that bag is full of dungeons & dragons things...dice...maybe a tape recorder or something science-y.

  3. Duffel bag. Pretty sure it had "adidas" written on the side. I'm 100% sure you're right about the D&D accessorization. And about the gray leather sneaks. You are right to make mock. Nix on the tape recorder, though. I was already Commodore 64 nerd and 5-1/4 floppies were sooooo in. My glasses were gray-blue acrylic... I think I still had them through college-- last pair I ever had before contacts.

    Think this dates to 8th Grade Me, though, which would make it 6th You. 9th grade was the beginning of my burnout-wannabe phase and accompanied by the transition from slacks to jeans.

  4. Love your outfit! lol
    I used to really dig the collar shirt under the sweatshirt too. We must be around the same age. ;)

  5. Awesome! I am a bit older than you, but this is all ringing serious fashion bells. Love the Trapper Keeper--mine was red. And had rainbow stickers on it. And I was wearing black stirrup pants and an oversize yellow shirt with squiggly black "new wave" print all over.

  6. stirrup pants!!! i used to wear my v-neck sweaters/vests backwards with a contrasting racer back tank...{was that happening anywhere else across america?} with stirrup pants, leather booties, with socks over the pants.

  7. oh, man! i was in college already, so i'm older - but i think i looked just like that :D

  8. Adorbs. I used to love stirrup pants! I also thought my bright blue spandex pants were the coolest things ever (yikes).

  9. Oh yes, stirrup pants were the staple of my wardrobe. I had 11 pairs to be exact, including a pair that were faux acid wash, and I was very proud of them. I wonder what was in your brown bagged lunch? PB&J? Or had you moved up to processed turkey ball on Wonderbread at that point? Great post! :)


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