Friday, January 22, 2010

what is that? velvet?

so, duh, i saw these and thought ooooh me likey.

then i read VELVET LINED and my fingers started to flutter in excitement above my keyboard like i was playing a fantastical dreamlike melody on magical piano.

the feeling of that velvet on my little piggies? oh my.

BUT, i'm on a bit of a self-imposed clothes spending freeze until i purge some existing goods {or bads depending on how you look at it}. so, unless i get on that stat, i'm afraid i might miss out on these lovelies.

you should get them though. and i'll come over with delicious snacks and we can have tea and i'll just slip yours on for a few moments. and when my freeze is over and i can seek luxurious items again, i'll come over again with wine and savory things and we will visit. and we will match.

slipped on at toast {they're on sale for crying out loud!}.

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